Every Story Matters

"Transformations gave my children their mother back, my siblings got their sister back and I have my life back -— and my future." Karen, Hobart. Donations from people like you have made an enormous difference to people who need Pathways services. Thank you.

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Paul's Story

I was a professional cyclist. And then a successful restaurateur. I was hiding a secret life of cocaine and ice addiction. When I came crashing down, Transformations was there to guide me back.

Paul’s Story
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Karen's Story

I’ve moved from the Gold Coast to help residents as a volunteer in the newly opened Velocity Transformations Women’s House. This is my story. I hope, after reading it, you will be inspired to help this program that has helped so many — like me — in the community.

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Nat's Story

I went from an unsafe and violent house, to having nowhere at all, to Launch where I was told I was important. Worth something. Valued.

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We can be the difference between hopelessness, despair, addiction and hope

It is your generosity that makes a difference in the lives of the men, and women, who use our services. Thank you so much, because without you, it would not have been possible.

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