One day I was starving, so I called a number I found for food aid. A really nice lady answered and asked how she could help. I explained that I was homeless and hungry, but she was unable to help as they had nothing at that time. What she did give me though was a phone number. She said to call it as someone might be able to help.

What I didn’t know at the time is that the phone call that took place would change my life completely.

I dialled the number and a guy by the name of Mark answered. I gave him a brief run down of my situation and he said to come in and have a chat. I jumped on the tram and headed straight there.

I sat waiting anxiously outside the building (not anxiously about the meeting, I was just hoping to get help with food). Mark came out and greeted me and said to follow him inside his office.

Now, Mark didn’t have any food or assistance for me – I was shattered.  But he informed me that he was part of a program. He didn’t say anything else before I said “I’m in.” I didn’t know what I was signing up for, all I could think was, ‘why am I doing this? I know nothing about it.’

The program I was entering was Transformations, a Christian based drug & alcohol program (Rehab). I momentarily regretted jumping straight into it, as I didn’t have a drug or drinking problem. But I’m glad I continued to jump on the Transformations bus, which took me to the residents’ house.

Transformations is so much more than just rehab for addicts, it is a complete life-altering, identity-discovering, self-worth-finding program. Committing to the 12-month program is the most challenging thing I have ever done, but is by far and away the most rewarding.