Trigger warning (TW): domestic violence.


“Get out of my house!”

That was what my mother said after I called the police. She had been violently arguing with her boyfriend for three hours. I came out of my room to find her with my two little brothers – one under each arm – and her boyfriends hand around her throat.

I freaked out and called the police, to protect the three of them. Afterwards she started drinking, she was so upset, and started abusing me. I told to leave me alone, she told me to get out.

I went.

I spent my money on a backpackers, and when it ran out, I literally had no where to go. I found myself at Launch Youth – a homeless shelter for young men like me. It’s run by Pathways, and it changed my life – it really did.

I went from an unsafe and violent house, to having nowhere at all, to Launch where I was told I was important. Worth something. Valued.

Telling my story on Ultra 106.5

I wouldn’t be here today without Pathways and the help they gave me.

I wouldn’t own a house, have a car. I wouldn’t have a child or a wife.

I wouldn’t be a professional in the community sector.

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Thank you for reading my story.

Remember, behind everyone is a story. And every story matters. If you know someone in your community that Launch may be able to help, please reach out and tell them. There is support. There is help. There are pathways to a better life.

Have you been triggered by this story? Below are some resources on how you, or someone you know, can get assistance and support through domestic and family violence: