Velocity Transformations is a residential rehabilitation programme based in Moonah, Tasmania. The Transformations Program brings people from a place of addiction to being able to positively participate back in their communities. We are a client-centred, medium-term, drug-free, residential therapeutic community. Provision of services operates within a structured, safe and supportive environment, which adopts an abstinence approach.

The program includes group sessions and practical teaching on issues such as; conflict resolution, communication skills, identity & self worth, life skills, literature & numeracy, work place ethics, discipline and boundary setting.

A core concept of The Transformations Therapeutic Model is the positive use of the peer community to promote constructive social and psychological change in individual residents. Thus, residents are highly involved in working with each other, on each other, and taking responsibility for charting their own progress.  Facilitated peer groups are also part of the program and address topics which include anger management, guilt, shame, social skills, assertiveness training, relapse prevention, nutrition etc.

The program is made up of four phases and the average duration of each stage is twelve weeks.  More information can also be found at

We can be the difference between hopelessness, despair, addiction and hope

So far more than 50 men have come through our program since 2016. It is your generosity that makes this sort of difference in the lives of young men. Thank you so much, because without you, it would not have been possible.

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