Over 1500 Tasmanians are Homeless Tonight

We provide pathways into a bright future for the homeless and those battling addictions.

Launch Youth
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Transforming lives for good

We shine the light on a pathway back to health and dignity for those battling addictions.

Velocity Transformations
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I have my life back and it’s the best feeling in the world.

My drug use started with Ecstasy at the age of 18. I had it all, a good job, nice car, I was in college, had a close relationship with my family, an incredible girlfriend and an incredible daughter. I could not ask for anything more. At the age of 22, everything started slipping. I lost everything and mostly everyone. I let drugs be my priority for a long time. I lost focus of what was important. I turned into a person I never wanted to associate or to be with.

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Join hands with us!

The work of sheltering the homeless and healing the addicted is far greater than we can carry on our own. But with your help we can do it!

Take Action
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Community News

Check out the latest news in our Tasmanian Community

2021 Freedom Ride

06th Jan 2021

Thank you to all riders, donors and volunteers.  This year’s event has been a huge success. After the cancelation in 2020, it was more important than ever to bring our community together. We needed to raise much needed funds for our Velocity Transformations rehabilitation program and Launch Youth homeless shelter. Topline Results: A Day for […]

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Nat’s Story

23rd Dec 2020

Trigger warning (TW): domestic violence. ********************* “Get out of my house!” That was what my mother said after I called the police. She had been violently arguing with her boyfriend for three hours. I came out of my room to find her with my two little brothers – one under each arm – and her […]

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Isaac’s Story

20th Dec 2020

When Mum packed up and left, I had nothing. I was 17, and I didn’t know what to do. I was one friend’s couch away from being on the street. This is my story. I hope, after reading it, you will understand why Pathway’s Launch program is so important for young homeless men in the […]

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We can be the difference between hopelessness, despair, addiction and hope

It is your generosity that makes a difference in the lives of the men, and women, who use our services. Thank you so much, because without you, it would not have been possible.

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