‘Tessellation is a pattern of shapes, often found in nature, merging together as part of a whole.’

Why choose Tessellate Support Services?

Tessellate is a boutique disability support organisation with a strong focus on young people (12- 30) with developmental needs such as autism or intellectual disabilities.

By focusing our training, experience and expertise on these specific needs, we are able to provide highly skilled and targeted supports that are often life changing and life affirming.

Our dedicated staff walk closely with each client and their care community to encourage and support their goals for each day, and to make their hopes and dreams for the future, a reality.

If this is something that you, or someone you care about needs, reach out today.


To speak to someone from our friendly team please contact us with the below details:

Phone: 03 6223 1065

Email: [email protected]

*Tessellated Pavement photo by JJ Harrison